New Beginnings Childbirth Services offers a transferable payment credits from the Childbirth Library to our Doula Training Certification programs.

Library patrons may use their access payments as credit toward doula training certification, dollar for dollar, up to and not to exceed 50% of the costs of registration. Credits are valid for a period of two years from the date of purchase.

How does this work?

  • So if a library patron registers for doula certification with a full course registration option, they may apply up to 50% or $200/USD in library credits to defer the cost of certification.
  • For a monthly payment plan registration, library credits can be used to discount monthly transactions by up to 50% or up to $300/USD.
  • Library credits cannot be applied to scholarship registrations. Early Finish Incentives can only be applied at 50% of final cost for training. Credits expire after two years and are applied to training on an oldest to newest term only.


  • Why would I want to start with the childbirth library and then transfer to doula training?


  • By starting with the childbirth library, you can effectively extent the training window by up to a year. (This is also a good first step for previewing our certification programs that doesn’t cost as much as actual registration.)


  1. MONTHLY PAYMENT WITH ONE ANNUAL CREDIT: If you have an annual credit of $200 from 18 months ago and then decided to apply it to your training, all $200 would be applied to your training start date. If paying in monthly increments $25 dollars would be applied for 8 months, and reduce your monthly payment to $25 for the first 8 months of the training. Even though the two year validity period for the credit would have passed by month six, the full value is granted as long as it is initiated before the end of the validity period.
  2. SET OF 6 OLD MONTHLY CREDITS: For monthly credits, they are applied in the order they were recieved oldest to newest. If a credit is more than two years old, it cannot be applied for credit. So for example a string of 6 monthly credits are available starting at 2 years and three months ago. The first three credits (older than two years) will not be applicable towards training credit. The last three would be applied oldest month first so that all three would be applicable. Payments will be applied at 50% the rate of the training cost for monthly payments, or can be applied in bulk towards a full course payment.
  3. SET OF 3 MONTHLY CREDITS ON A MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN: three monthly credits at $20/USD each is available. If paying monthly, $25/USD would be discounted from month 1 and month 2. On month three the account will have $10 left in credit, and that will be applied to the third month’s bill. No further credit will be issued after that.
  4. FULL COURSE DISCOUNT WITH MULTIPLE MONTHLY CREDITS: the three monthly credits at $20/USD each is available. If paying for the course in full, $60/USD credit would be discounted from the cost of registration for a final cost of $340/USD.