Updated December 2017

New Beginnings Childbirth Service, LLC offers the following information regarding refunds for purchases made through our website (https://www.childbirthlibrary.org) related to the products and services offered by the New Beginnings Childbirth Library.

New Beginnings Childbirth Library offers two variations (monthly and annual subscriptions) of one primary service: paid access to the New Beginnings Childbirth Library. Both services offer unrestricted access to our content for a 10-day trial period. After 10 days, your account will be charged for the subscription period selected at the time of registration. All accounts are subject to a 30-day grace period in which a full refund will be granted, no questions asked. After 30 days, no refunds will be granted.

Please be considerate and honest in requesting a refund. This policy assumes that you are acting with integrity in making a legitimate request for a refund. The materials prepared and available within the New Beginnings Childbirth Library represent years of real-world experience and formal education on the topics presented herein.

Accounts may be cancelled at any time to avoid future charges, and you are under no obligation to make future payments.


Any other products or services not covered in the scope of this document are NOT eligible for refund. Further questions regarding our refund policy may be directed to our business manager at brent@trainingdoulas.com.